Breast Implants & Augmentation

Our team has years of experience meaning you are in excellent hands

Whether you want to achieve your desired look, accentuate your figure, or regain breast fullness, our cosmetic breast implants and breast augmentation procedures are designed to enhance the shape and size of your breasts.

Breast implants are becoming increasingly common with women of all ages and body sizes.

We can help you understand your choices and make an informed decision about the desired result.

At our initial consultation, we will take you through all aspects of the breast augmentation surgery and help you understand your choices. We will discuss your personalised operative plan, the types of breast implants, take a detailed breast history, make precise measurements of your chest and breasts, and perform other necessary tasks to ensure you can make the right choices for your body.

At Specialist Breast Clinic in Wollongong, we are specialists in breast augmentation who are committed to your care. We’ll help you understand your options and achieve long-lasting and beautiful results.


Types of Breasts Implants

Breast implants differ in a number of ways, including their shape, their surface and their size. If you are considering breast augmentation, we can help you understand your choices:


Implant Shapes

Breast implants are either round or anatomical (‘teardrop’). Round breast implants have the same width and height with a centred maximum projection. Anatomical breast implants are shaped like a teardrop, with projection slightly below the middle.

Round breast implants:

  • Provide more upper-breast fullness.
  • Are perfectly round, and therefore do not result in shape deformity caused by rotation.
  • Are often the preferred shape to restore volume lost through weight loss of breast-feeding.

Teardrop breast implants:

  • Provide more fullness in the lower-breast, which tapers off towards the top.
  • Can only be inserted through an incision under the breast.
  • Deliver a natural straightline drape of skin from collarbone to nipple.


Implant Surfaces

There are 3 types of shell surfaces available for breast implants: smooth, textured or polyurethane foam-covered (P-URE).

At Specialist Breast Clinic, we currently work with Mentor CPG (Contour Profile Gel) breast implants. Available as round or anatomical, these textured implants come with a lifetime warranty against ruptures.

The surface texturing on Mentor breast implants is made with a special sponge, which is pressed against the implant during the curing process. This friction has been shown to be effective in preventing rotation and displacement for optimal breast augmentation results.


Implant Size

Specialist Breast Clinic can provide advice and recommendations regarding the size of your breast augmentation, but the choice is entirely yours.

The ‘right’ size will depend on your desired outcome and your existing figure and body type. We can help you determine sizing by placing breast implants of various sizes and shapes into a crop-top, allowing you to visualise the effect of each type of implant.


Whether you want a discreet and natural change or a full and noticeable profile, Specialist Breast Clinic will comprehensively go through everything you need to know about breast implants from the initial consultation through to the final surgery.

Get in touch with us for more information about our breast augmentation procedures in Wollongong, Sydney, Miranda and the Illawarra.

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