Breast Cancer Surgery – Oncoplastic Surgery

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Do you require breast cancer surgery? As a fully qualified and highly experienced oncoplastic breast surgeon, Dr Tony Palasovski uses innovative surgical techniques to improve cosmetic outcomes in breast conservation surgery for treatment of breast cancer.

The goal of breast cancer surgery is to remove cancer cells from your breast and reduce the risk of future breast cancer.

Breast cancer surgery, or oncoplastic breast surgery, is a seamless surgical approach in which removal of the cancer is merged with breast reconstruction or reshaping. With careful planning and a mindset for both oncological and aesthetic outcomes, we can use plastic surgical techniques to reshape or reconstruct the breast after surgery for breast cancer.


How is oncoplastic surgery performed?

Breast conserving surgery is known as a lumpectomy. At the time of your lumpectomy, an incision is made, the cancerous tissue is removed with a small amount of surrounding healthy tissue, and breast volume replacement or displacement techniques are used to reshape the breast.

Important consideration is given to the size and location of the incision, as this may be the only visible scar. We use natural skin creases to guide optimal incisions. Wherever possible, incisions outside the bra, in the cleavage area, or over the sternum are avoided. We also plan the incision with regard for how it could potentially be incorporated into a mastectomy (and possible immediate reconstruction) if such a procedure becomes necessary in the future.

A mastectomy involves the removal of the whole breast. A double mastectomy requires the removal of both breasts. These surgeries are usually recommended if the breast cancer is large or there is more than one tumour.

Some women may opt for breast reconstruction surgery at the same time as the breast cancer surgery. Others may elect to have reconstruction surgery at a later date, or not at all. For women who are eligible and would prefer immediate reconstruction, Dr Palasovski can provide personalised information for the process.

The reconstructive techniques used in your breast cancer surgery will depend on the size and site of the tumour resection, and on the ratio of breast volume to resection volume. Volume displacement techniques are usually preferred over volume replacements, as the latter requires more extensive surgery. Volume displacement involves reshaping the breast by rotating, transpositioning and otherwise utilising remaining breast tissue to fill the defect from tumour excision.

There are a number of different types of surgery used to treat breast cancer. The techniques we use in your surgery will depend on your individual breast size and elasticity, tumour size and location, and desired cosmetic outcomes. Dr Palasovski will discuss these with you at your consultation.


What are the benefits of oncoplastic surgery?

There are several advantages to having oncoplastic breast cancer surgery at the time of a lumpectomy.

  • Typically requires only one surgery.
  • Allows for a larger amount of tissue to be removed, which can ease concerns about negative margins.
  • Allows for matching procedures to be performed to achieve aesthetic breast symmetry.
  • Surgery is performed before radiation, avoiding potential wound-healing complications that may arise through post-radiation surgery.

As one of few Australian breast surgeons qualified in oncoplastic surgery, Dr Palasovski uses innovative techniques to excise tumours and cancerous tissue with improved cosmetic results.


Am I a candidate for breast cancer surgery?

Ideal patients for oncoplastic breast cancer surgery will have a favourable tumour-to-breast size ratio and be suitable for wide local excision, in which the tumour can be removed with approximately 1cm of surrounding breast tissue.

In some cases, chemotherapy prior to surgery may adequately shrink the tumour to make breast conservation possible.

Patients who smoke, are obese, have diabetes, or have connective tissue disorders will be at a higher risk of wound-related complications.


Breast Cancer Surgery in the Illawarra and Southern Sydney

Oncoplastic breast cancer surgery balances your oncological requirements with your cosmetic goals. Dr Tony Palasovski strives to provide personalised breast services, using advanced techniques for excisional and reconstructive surgeries.

We understand that the need for breast cancer surgery comes at a stressful time. If you have any questions about your breast cancer diagnosis, oncoplastic breast cancer surgery, or breast reconstructive options, get in touch with Specialist Breast Clinic. Or call us at our Wollongong Practice or Miranda Practice.