Case Study – Breast Cancer Surgery with Immediate Reconstruction

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Case Study - Breast Cancer Surgery

Bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy with direct to implant reconstruction.

In this particular case the 33yr old patient had previously undergone bilateral primary breast augmentation (breast enlargement) using round implants (performed by another practitioner) so this added a layer of complexity to the procedure. Incisions were placed in the inframammary fold (under the breast) and all of the breast tissue was removed including the diagnosed breast cancer located towards the right underarm. Reconstruction was performed using anatomical (teardrop) implants under the muscle and an implant sling using Flex-HD  to ensure a more rounded, more natural looking breast. Overall volume and symmetry has been corrected and most importantly the breast cancer has been completely removed. A sentinel node biopsy was performed through the same incision.

Before and After Surgery